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Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

At Swift Law, we understand that falling behind on your mortgage payments is an overwhelming experience.  When your home—the foundation of your family—is at risk, you need someone whom you can trust on your side. Rest assured, you are not alone. At Swift Law, we recognize the pitfalls homeowners encounter every day.  Many mortgage and servicing companies offer “help” in the form of discourteous service and conflicting information.  More often than not, you may fall victim to misleading or inaccurate information in their systems and repeated claims of lost paperwork you have already provided time and again. Despite the games played by mortgage companies, your lender will have experienced attorneys representing them.  At Swift Law, we believe you should too!

While facing a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit in Florida, properly exercising your legal rights may result in a substantial delay or could altogether prevent the foreclosure and ultimate sale of your home. It is even possible that we may find that you have been a victim of fraudulent practices or other illegal conduct such as unlawful debt collection and erroneous credit reporting. Your lender could have made mistakes, intentionally mislead or simply lied in order to make the most profit while taking advantage of your dream of owning your own home.

Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

Have you been served with papers from a Florida circuit court?  When you receive a foreclosure complaint, time is critical, but your options are many. We’re here to help with a strategic defense and sensible, novel approaches utilizing our knowledge of rapidly changing recent case law. We are a local office who will help you navigate this complicated process by preparing a correctly filed response to the Complaint and Summons. We will detail all the defenses and counterclaims against your lender so you do not lose these critical defenses and claims if needed. Once we file a responsive pleading, your case is considered “contested” and your lender will be forced to file documents to prove their allegations forestalling them moving rapidly forward to enter a judgment against you and sell your home. This is the critical time period where we can utilize our extensive skill in negotiating settlement agreements and explore if you may be eligible for any applicable government or other lender loan modification programs resulting in workable solutions specific to your case.

St Petersburg Lawyers are Standing By

Personal bankruptcy may be another option available to you to keep you in your home.  We value your business and promise to take the time to explain all your potential options including short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure.  Our knowledgeable staff will work alongside you determining the most advantageous plan forward whether you want to try to keep your home or walk away without burdensome debt. Don’t wait!  Remember, we have 20 days to file a response or motion to dismiss!  Call now to schedule a free consultation and take advantage of our expertise in ensuring your legal rights are protected during this difficult time.